Of course, we can't imagine Heroes III without the presence of strong and powerful magic, as we have learned to expect from Heroes 2 ! 


Spell book
Learning a spell
Spell Points
Magic Schools
Air Magic
Water Magic
Fire Magic
Earth Magic




There are 4 schools of magic with 19 spells each (except for Fire Magic that has only 18) :


That enables you the use of 75 spells.
There are 4 mastering levels for each spell.
  • The simple spell you learn in the Mage Guild
  • The basic level of the specific School of Magic (corresponding Secondary Skill)
  • The advanced level of the specific School of Magic (corresponding Secondary Skill)
  • The expert level of the specific School of Magic (corresponding Secondary Skill)


Each class of heroes can learn magic, even heroes of might.
The higher the Knowledge and Spell Power levels are, the easier and more powerful the spells will be.
Some heroes are prone to the use of one spell because they have a special skill linked with this specific spell.
Inside a Mage Guild
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The Spells Book
A hero can learn a spell only if he has a Spell Book.
He won't be able to use a spell not written in his Spell Book, and that consequently he has not learned either in a Mage Guild or from another hero.
When you recruit a hero, check if he has a Spell Book, and if not, buy one for 500 gold by clicking on the Mage Guild.
The Spell Book can neither be exchanged nor taken on an enemy.

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Learning a spell
There are 5 levels of spells
At higher level, the spell will be more powerful but also more expensive in spell points.
To be able to learn a spell of level 3 or higher, your hero must have the secondary skill Wisdom

A hero with the secondary skill Wisdom :

  • At Basic level he will be able to learn level 3 spells
  • At Advanced level he will be able to learn level 4 spells
  • At Expert level he will be able to learn level 5 spells
The best way for a hero to learn new spells is to go to a town with a Mage Guild to visit it.
When a hero with a Spell Book enters a Mage Guild, he automatically learns the spells (according to his Wisdom Skill of course).

Mage Guilds can be built up to :

  • Level 3 for the Stronghold and the Fortress
  • Level 4 for the Castle
  • Level 5 for all the other towns
A hero with Eagle Eye skill will have some chances to learn a new spell used against him in a fight.

A hero can also learn spells in special buildings on the adventure map.

See Locations
A hero with secondary skill Scholar will be able to teach the spells he knows to other heroes (according to their abilities) and learn unknown spells from them.
There are other possibilities to learn a spell, thanks to a Scholar (he looks like a monk on the map), or after a fight in special buildings on the map (a pyramid for instance) or with some artifacts.

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Spell Points
Since the beginning each hero has a minimum amount of spell points, equal to 10 * his Knowledge.
Each time you cast a spell, spell points are spent.
The smaller the level of the spell is, the less it costs.
The secondary skill Intelligence enables your hero to increase his maximal amount of spell points.
The buildings Mana Vortex in Dungeon town and the Magic Fountain of the map enable the visiting hero to temporarily double his spell points.
Spell points are recovered at the rate of 1 per day.
The secondary skill Mysticism gives an increased recovering rate.
Spending a whole night in a town with a Mage Guild makes your hero recover all his spell points.
So does he when he visits a Magic Well on the adventure map.

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Magic Schools
Each spell belongs to one of the 4 Schools of Magic
Each school of magic is linked with a secondary skill.
A hero can cast a spell of a specific school of magic without being skilled at this magic.
But if he does, his spells will be more powerful.
The spell effect when you're specialized in the magic school differs from spell to spell.
When a hero is at Expert level for a school of magic, the spells of this school cost less.
Spells are of different types, some can be cast in fights and others on the adventure map.
Effect of the Expert level on spells cost
Spell level
Spell points reduction
- 1
- 2
- 3
- 4
- 5

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Air Magic (click)
Air Magic offers battle and adventure spells.

Attack spells as :

  • Lightning Bolt
  • Chain Lightning

Spells to boost your troops as :

  • Haste
  • Fortune
  • Precision
  • Counterstrike

Spells to affect the enemy troops as :

  • Disrupting Ray
  • Hypnotize

Spells to get information as :

  • Visions
  • View Air

Moving spells on the adventure map as :

  • Fly
  • Dimension Door
4 Wizard heroes have a special skill for Air Magic spell, and 2 Battle Mages too.
Prefer this School of Magic if you have Wizards or Battle Mages.

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Water Magic (click)
The Water Magic School is specific for its healthy spells, especially Cure and Dissipation that respectively allow to regain life points and to dissipate the effect of negative spells.
Attack spells are not very powerful, but this School of Magic has the best boosting troops spells.

Spells useful on maps full of water as :

  • Summon Boat
  • Scuttle Boat
  • Water Walk
4 Cleric heroes have a special skill for a Water Magic spell
Prefer this School of Magic if you have Clerics.

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Fire Magic (click)
Except Visions, all Fire Magic spells are for battle.

Some spells do direct damages as :

  • Armageddon
  • Inferno
  • Fire Ball

Some boost your troops as :

  • Bloodlust
  • Protection from Water
  • Frenzy

Or some disturb the enemy's troops as :

  • Blind
  • Misfortune
  • Curse

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Earth Magic (click)
Earth Magic spells are more oriented battle than Air or Water Magic, and more adventure than Fire Magic.
These spells are very useful to take towns, they inflict lots of damages, especially Earthquake.
Other spells will be useful to protect your troops.

Some spells are very useful when you have living dead troops as :

  • Animate Dead
  • Death Ripple
4 Warlock heroes have a special skill for an Earth Magic spell, and 2 Necromancers.
Prefer this School of Magic if you have Warlocks or Necromancers

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