A hero will learn 8 Secondary Skills out of the 28 available
A hero starts with 2 skills, so he'll have to choose 6 new skills each times he reaches a new level.
Thanks to his secondary skills, a hero can improve his skills in several domains : the way he moves, the way he fights, the way he casts spells etc ...
A hero can receive experience points by winning a combat or taking treasure chests on the adventure map. When he gains more experience, he can reach new level. Each times he reaches a new level, he'll have to choose between improving 2 Secondary Skills.
Each hero has a paper-doll equipment screen, where you can see his artifacts and secondary skills.
There are 3 levels for each Secondary Skill : basic, advanced and expert
You'll choose different secondary skills fonction of the type of your hero, his town, and his "job" (an exploring hero'll need different skills than a warrior)
Heroes will learn easily some secondary skills but will learn others with difficulties (depending on the hero type)
Some hero types cannot learn some secondary skills.
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Heroes of might and magic 3, 4, 5